Wooden treasure box

Following last year’s lockdown, I have noticed an increase in the number of Mauritian businesses (small and medium scale ones) offering services on Facebook. It is always so nice to see how talented Mauritians can be and how beautiful their products can be. Hence, I thought about bringing some of these talents forward as a satisfied client or a potential one. This blog post therefore introduces a new category of posts which I shall be writing – Mauritian Treasures.

The real beauty is how these persons display the Mauritian ingenuity and despite the economic precariousness, they have bravely ventured in starting their business and make it work with all the means they have at hand.

These are those Mauritian Treasures which I am going to share with you because I believe that Mauritians have come a long way and can achieve wonderful things with their talents and skills!

My motive is also to showcase how one’s talents can be used to make a living and that we should get rid of the stereotype of having a degree to get a job. There is no greener grass on either side. However there is a best fit – some of us are born for the corporate world while others are born with innate talents to come up with unique products/services…