In my previous smart home post, I mentioned that the Hue Motion Sensor has an inbuilt temperature sensor but Alexa could not get a reading from it. Well that it is still true if it is connected to Alexa through the Hue Bridge.

In Order to get Alexa to work with the Motion Sensor and Temperature Sensor, you need to pair it directly with a Echo device that has a built-in hub like the Echo Plus or Echo 4th Gen.


  • Delete the Hue Motion Sensor from the Alexa App
  • Delete the Hue Motion Sensor from the Hue App.
  • Reset the Hue Motion Sensor
  • Press the setup button and Ask Alexa to find new devices.
  • After some time, it will find the Hue Motion Sensor.

You will now be able to create routine based on temperature and motion.

Hue Motion Sensor in Alexa