Howdy People,

As many of you have noticed, I have uploaded a few videos online for you to watch which shows how stuff are done. Here’s how my LAB Setup look like.

Basically I have a PC running a core i7 with 20GB of RAM.

So I have Windows 8 Enterprise as OS on my PC. Added the Awesome Hyper-v Client and I get to run VMs on my Machine.

Now here’s the great stuff… Configured a VM and Installed Server 2012 and configured my Active Directory (there’s a Video for that).

Next turned off the VM. Used EASYBCD and added that very VHD to my Boot File. So now am booting from VHD, which means I have a dual boot in no time.

Once Server 2012 has booted, I have configured the Hyper-v Role on it and there I can create More VMS and run my LAB.

So till now: A Dual Boot with WIndows 8 and Server 2012.

Under Server 2012, I have my Active Directory which also has Hyper-v Installed.

Under Hyper-v, we will have.

1. BDC

2. Exchange Server 2013

3. Hyper-v VDI with all the Goodies…

4. System Center 2012.

Watch out for the coming Videos….