My experience as customer

I have the habit of looking for gifts which are going to be practical and useful. With my second daughter moving school last year, I wanted to show our gratitude to the carers of her day care centre with something special…

Most of the time, I look for gifts which should be long lasting, practical and of course appealing. Since we had just come out of the lockdown, and I knew some small businesses would be finding difficulties in gaining back their economic momentum, I also wanted to support a local business.

Hence, I started searching online among the several local business pages for any great idea. I eventually shortlisted a few and found the rare pearl – personalised bags from EcoZire Tote Bags!!! The persons who received the gifts are all women and as expected were totally delighted to receive a bag with their names embroidered on it!

It is not difficult to order, you just have to reach out to them on Facebook messenger. About the service received from EcoZire – I would say that the ladies are very helpful, responsive and can go the extra mile to satisfy their customer. I definitely recommend anyone looking to order from them to go ahead without hesitation! You can discover their range of products on their Facebook page.

The personalised tote bags I ordered

The story behind EcoZire

The name EcoZire was inspired from the desire for an ecological world i.e. an ‘eco desire’… It is a small local business created by two ladies – Karen Yan and Anouchka L’assiette – who are teachers but also very determined in bringing their contribution to make this beautiful island (and this world) plastic-free!

Their adventure therefore begins in June 2020, with their Facebook page (and a team of four other ladies) where they have gradually reached a lot of people with their products. Their motivation is to be able to bring forward a product which is a sustainable alternative to plastic bags or any other single-use bags.

EcoZire also plans to introduce other products which as per their motto, will be inline with ecology.

About the tote bags

Their tote bags are made of 100% cotton and can be either be embroidered or printed with customised designs (isn’t this exciting?). There are multiple advantages of having the tote bag such as:

  • it is value for money with a good quality material;
  • it is a re-usable bag which can also be washed;
  • it can be used for any purpose – lunch bag, gift bag, marketing tool for businesses, errands bag, you name it!
  • it makes a perfect gift for friends, colleagues (why not corporate gift?), or even your customers;
  • it creates less waste than plastic bags or even paper bags you get from shops these days;
  • it contributes to the sustainability of our country in the long run…

The cutting edge

What inspired me to write about EcoZire is not only my positive experience as a customer but also their noble cause for starting a business. We all know about the recent law of banning single-use plastics in Mauritius and yet, there are few who have actually realised that the purpose of such legislation is to effectively reduce our waste. For this law to be really effective, we need businesses to introduce concepts like EcoZire – reusability of products. Hence the choice of bringing into the lime light this local entrepreneurship. Hopefully, there will be more of such blog posts in the future.

The message that the EcoZire team has for us is about our future generations and the type of world we are leaving behind for them…

“Let’s work together for a world free of plastic for our children” – the EcoZire team