Cars! I am definitely a car enthusiast and have always taken good care of the cars I’ve own over the years. Be it mechanical or visual, it has always been my pride to keep both of them in good shape. A few years ago we decided to invest in a new car since the family was growing and we needed reliability. It has been a very good investment and is still going strong.

However, keeping it looking new and shining was always a matter of concern for me. With the outdoor elements, paint gets discoloured, faints or even gets micro scratches over time. Micro scratches are the worst to have and they come really quick and are so visible on a new car! Searching online on how to protect your paint and car yielded a lot of results from waxing to polishing and all sorts of product. But one thing particularly caught my attention; Ceramic Coating!

Ceramic coating was at that time something new to me and I had to do a lot of research to know what it is. Ceramic coating is a product that is applied to the clear coat of your car to protect it. It’s based on nanotechnology and forms a thin and transparent layer on your paint which is invisible to the eye. Invisible you say! Look at the shine after it is applied! Researching ceramic coating in Mauritius didn’t bring a lot of result like nowadays where everyone is doing Ceramic coating , you can even get them on the road or bazaar! One company did catch my attention and it was Ceramic Pro Mauritius.


I contacted them on Facebook and didn’t have to wait long to get a reply, very professional and courteous. I still wasn’t sure and then dropped by at their Quatres Bornes garage and had a chat with them. I was given a very good explanation about what is included and what type of protection I would be getting! No gimmicks such as it will protect your paint from fire! I went for the silver package, which included 3 year protection – rims, windows, windscreen and interior. As a bonus, I got my engine bay coated.

I personally feel that it is difficult to explain what ceramic coating is, you really need to apply or have someone with the knowledge to explain it. The level of protection that I have had with Ceramic Pro has just been incredible. I once had a trolley in a supermarket bump with my car and leave a scratch on it, I was damn scared at that time. Then I called Ceramic Pro and was kindly instructed to try and wipe away with a clean microfiber cloth, I was like is he serious now! And he was damn serious, clean microfiber and a bit of gentle scrubbing and voila scratch was gone! I was like WOW! I have had a few of those scratches over the years and Ceramic Pro has definitely helped me.

Taking care and cleaning the car! That is so easy, everything just glides off no matter how dirty it is. Here, I don’t mean put water and the dirt will wash off, that is only for light dirt with is fresh enough. What I mean here is when you apply soap to your car, it just glides and removes the dirt with a single pass. Did I mention that your car becomes super slick?

Some Washing tips that I have used over the past few years.

Always use the two bucket method, one with clean water and the other one with soap. Once you do a pass with the soap wash the mitt in the clean water and get soap and repeat.

Use PH neutral soap, do not use dishwasher product. I have read quite a lot about this and everyone agrees to use PH neutral soap.

Wipe your car dry with microfiber only after washing. Be careful not to press too hard or you will get micro scratches.

What I use for washing:

I am a big fan of Chemical Guys and always get my stuff from Amazon US.

  1. I use Chemical Guys HydroSuds for regular washing.
  2. For small washes I use Chemical Guys Mr. Pink or Honey Dew.
  3. For drying the car, I use Chemical Guys yellow microfiber 60x90cm and 40x40cm. All bought from Amazon directly.
  4. Chemical Guys Chenille Microfiber Premium Scratch-Free Wash Mitt. I have used it for 3 years and recently changed it as it got torn internally.
  5. Stihl water pressure and Stihl foam gun.

Those are only for maintenance washes or home washes. They produce a very good shine after washing but if you want the ultimate shine you simply send it to Ceramic Pro for washing and you will be wowed!

Enough talking, here are some images!

New from Dealer! Almost perfect.
Ceramic Being Applied.
Curing Process.

What I love above Ceramic Pro is that the colour of the car is really “voyant” specially at night, it is just at another level. The shine is not just on pictures, it is truly seen on the road. You can feel people looking at it. Even while driving looking at the shine in your mirrors makes you smile.

One thing that is really important is maintenance, you need to follow it to ensure that your coating keeps on performing. Ceramic Pro recommends doing it every 6 month and it is once again totally worth it, the car comes back as if it has been recently coated.

The above was around 3 years ago and I did notice recently that the Coating was wearing off. But it has certainly done its job for 3 years, my car is mostly kept outside during weekdays and Ceramic Pro has kept my paint and car looking brand new.

Few weeks back, gave the guys a call at Ceramic Pro and told them that I needed some more protection on my car, not a problem they said and I sent the car to them to get the coating for another two years. The best thing about Ceramic Pro is that it is layer based, so you need not wait for two years to re-apply the coat, it can be added at any time to your car to give it additional protection.

The pictures do speak for themselves, the paint is as new and really shining, super slick and most importantly without micro scratches or scratches.

I would also like to mention that ceramic coating is not completely shielded against water spots, they do get it but it is less than a non-coated car, however it can easily be removed by them. The guys at Ceramic Pro always return a spotless car. Ceramic coating is also scratch resistant not scratch proof, anyone claiming that has a problem! Most scratch are superficial and not deep enough to damage the ceramic or clear coat hence easily wiped off. But if I was to take a nail and scratch the car, I can assure you it will leave a deep scar! Probably on you as well!

Finally, ceramic coating does provide a good level of protection, shine and your car is easier to maintain. It gives your car that fresh and new look. Ceramic Pro really helps in rainy days as water just slides off your windscreen and the water beading is just awesome. Proper maintenance and using approved or the right soap helps in maintaining your coating longer. Head over to the Ceramic Pro Page on Facebook to get in touch with them or to view their past jobs.

I seldom vouch for a product or company but where praise is deserved it must be given!