Forza Motorsports yesterday announced the Forza Horizon 4 series 34 updates which the 34th upgrade, this has been teased for quite some time, here’s what’s coming to Horizon 4.

For those who missed it – Horizon 4 is on steam and if you’ve got Xbox Game Pass ultimate, its there for you to play and also available on PC.


Horizon Festival playlist – Complete 50% and you get a backstage pass and complete 80%, you get Toyota Trueno.

Horizon Summer Season – Complete 50%, you get yourself a Porsche 356 RSR and complete 80% and that Rover SD1 is yours.

Horizon Autumn Season – Complete 50% and you get another backstage pass and complete 80%, its a Aston Martin Vulcan AMR.

Horizon Winter Season – Complete 50% and its another backstage pass and 80% gets you the cool 2018 Aston Martin DBS SL 19.

Horizon Spring Season – 50% complete will get you the 2003 Renault Clio and 80% completion will get you 1994 VW LD R.

Series 34 Cars

First up is the Late 60s’ (1968) Pontiac Firebird, 6.6 L V8 and 335 horsepower. Top speed is around 124 mph stock, so get your upgrades.

Second car is the Emory 1963 Porsche 356 Outlaw RSR with around 400 horsepower.

Updates and Fixes

Fix for steam achievements which weren’t showing for some players.

Fix for memory related crash on Xbox Series X and Series S consoles.

Mouse staying on screen while using the controller on steam.

Performance and wheel bugs issues on steam.

Server disconnect and some multiplayers issues.

When is it coming?

It is due sometime in April 2021, and as per the internet could be next week, we will update the post as soon as a date is available or when the series 34 is lives.

Full Video below