Recently I had quite some issues with my android phone and decided I needed a new phone.. So the search started with loads of options and makes available but finally shifted to a HTC Windows Phone 8x.

First I was a bit worried about having to bluetooth over or recreate my contacts since with Android everything is saved with Google but Windows Phone actually has a Google Account Integration which made life very much easier as once the account was synced all my contacts were there. And from there synced to my hotmail / outlook account.

Next was to make sure that I had the latest update on my phone which is now GDR2 awaiting GDR3.

That done I added the usual apps I needed, which is Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Whatsapp. Can’t say its a job done on the Facebook app or Whatsapp …but I guess they can get better.

Emails.. Email configuration and Sync is a piece of cake, love the way the emails are displayed and synced. You can even have more than one Exchange account which is awesome, currently have 2 and office365 also.. which I guess makes it 3.

The phone integration with Twitter – Facebook – Linkedin is pretty awesome (without the need of the official app).

Internet Explorer is not bad either.. hasn’t let me down yet… and hope it won’t.

The tiles are awesome on the phone, love the live ones.

Lync 2013 App is great


The cons or can say bad stuff I don’t like..

1. The screen rotates which sometimes irritates me, no option yet to stop this (GDR3 apparently fixes this).

2. Apps just installed sometimes do not work, but once the phone is restarted.. doesn’t bother you again… (but do we need to restart a phone for an app install!!!)

3. Space calculation and use is an issue to me!! I don’t know how am using 5GB of Space when my stuff is just over 1 GB

4. Maps is a disaster..needs to be sorted this stage using third party maps.


Apart from that the phone in itself is pretty cool and I love the Windows 8 Phone

Great Going MS!