For added security you might want to consider changing the port of Remote Desktop.

Here’s how to do it.

Open Registry Editor as Administrator (If you are not comfortable with Registry Editor, do not attempt this, it could damage your Operating System). #

Registry Editor is opened by typing regedit.

Go to the following location.



Find PortNumber

Double Click on it. Click on Decimal


Enter your new port and click Ok.

Quit Registry Editor

Restart your PC.

Next time you connect enter your IP followed by the new port number and Remote Desktop should work fine.


If you do not want to change your Remote Desktop Port but want to access your PC from outside you can modify the outside port number only. This configuration is done on your firewall rule.

Internal Port: 3389

External Port: 8900

Destination IP: Your PC / Laptop

Protocol: TCP

Next time you access your Remote Desktop, you would type: (substitute the IP with the public IP or hostname).