Often as MCT’s we hear students asking about using dumps or brain dumps to pass an exam. Here’s a couple of things you should know.


You could easily lose all your certifications if you are found using them.

– Would you really be a certified person?

Using these type of materials to pass an exam is cheating. Now lets say you passed your exam in this manner, would you be truly be a qualified person to perform the job. Most people do not realise that passing an exam with dumps will only put more pressure on you because you learned all the answers, but what would you do when you are confronted with real scenarios. Search for Dumps!

If, in fact, a particular brain dump has the correct questions and answers – you would have to memorize hundreds of questions and answers just to ensure you know everything. Why not devote that time to actually study the material? Why not spend time learning from someone who can teach you or take a class for your specific test.

In Short: Dumps or Brain Dumps serve no beneficial service for true knowledge in the field you are pursuing.